Voor deze dag na Pasen


Hare with mask Haas met masker 2010 pastel-pencil 76 x 56 cm.
Kim Streur


Haas 1502 aquarel  Albrecht Dürer


Thinker on Rock 1997 Sculpture  Bronze Barry Flanagan

When asked about the use of the hare motif Barry would describe the magical experience of seeing a hare running on the Sussex Downs. This event prompted the first Leaping Hare sculpture in 1979. For the Egyptians the hare represented life. In Chinese mythology the hare is the sole inhabitant of the moon and the symbol of immortality. This mercurial image of the hare has come to stand as surrogate for human existence and our relations to the animal world.

Mooi toch? De oren die fier de omgeving aftasten, de opengesperde waakzame ogen!


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