Permission: Een speels boek met een serieuze boodschap.
In werk [en leven!] leggen mensen zichzelf en elkaar vaak onbedoeld grenzen op.
Dit boekje staat vol “permissies” om die te doorbreken!

Permission to Incubate
Most things worth waiting for need time to incubate, gestate, take shape and emerge. Living things and great ideas all need to incubate. The pressure to produce may beckon you to truncate, force or skip this stage. If you have ever tried to rush a relationship, a stil forming opportunity, or the tomato plant on your patio, you know just how fruitless this is.


Permission to Draw It
We began our lives ready to scribble, draw and color with our crayons. We could draw anything.. As we grew older we told ourselves we weren’t artists and boxed up our crayons. When we stopped drawing we lost a powerful tool to express ourselves, to gain a new perspective, to make the intangaible tangible. We lost an important way of thinking.


Ook staan er de zes principes van Permissie in met op nummer 1 Create Safe Space, en de rol van de permissiegever, -nemer en -krijger.

Permission is een co-creatie van Pamela Meyer en Brandy Agerbeck.




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